Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meaning of this Blog

So lately I have been creating posts, deleting them, severely editing them, and then just plain old close the window and go back to my typical internet browsing. I have always somewhat cared about what people thought of me which is why I've been so hesitant lately.

People have looked at my blog title, and laughed, thought it was stupid, rolled their eyes, etc. Here is how my creative brain processed this title...

Step 1: Ask myself what my interests were: Ryan, Running, Family, Friends, Being Healthy, Exercising, Shopping, Dreaming, Sleeping...I could go on for days

Step 2: Think about how to incorporate my personality into this blog. I can be kind, stubborn, impatient and patient (more often the latter), sarcastic, scared, sad....

Step 3: Use my research skills and start throwing words together. I saw robust a synonym and then BOOM. The title just came to me...

According to the dictionary:
Robust: Adjective

  • Strong and healthy; hardy; vigorous
    • Robust faith, Robust mind, Robust man/women
  • Strongly or stoutly built
  • Suited to or requiring bodily strength or endurance
  • Rough, rude, or boisterous
  • Rich and full flavored
I understand that ONE line of this definition has negative connotation - but the example they give is robust drinking, and honestly who hasn't had ONE night of that in their life.

The title by no means is trying to depict my bust size, weight or body shape. It has to do with describing me as a whole, strong, healthy, rich, rough and even a little rude, housewife ;)

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