Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To Feed One

So one of my biggest fears being by myself was how the heck do you cook for one? I know rational thought...but I've got all my other bases covered. A little back story: Ryan is is going to be fire fighting this summer with a private contracting company, which means he needs to be about an hour away from the Boise airport at all times this summer. I will be going back and forth most of the summer between here and there. Between this protector and this protector: I feel totally safe...

My Dad use to spend a lot of time traveling when we first moved to Idaho, so I tried to pay attention to what my mom would make or talk about making in smaller portion sizes. I wanted to try really hard these first two weeks to not eat out and start cooking for myself. I would rather spend my dough on clothes, or eating out with MMR (Mountain Man Ryan - the Husband).

Rotisserie Chicken is the way to go, all the way: I bought this sucker Monday night, and he lasted me all the way to lunch on Wednesday. I love chicken, I could eat chicken little all day every day and not feel bad. I like beef in moderation, high fat contents don't go well with my sensitive annoying stomach. Monday was just plain chicken, with potatoes and lettuce from my moms garden:

 Tuesday more chicken: Quesidilla for lunch:

Still not much missing...

Dinner for Tuesday was a mock burrito bowl but I can never make it taste like Chipotle, and it didn't taste very good so I didn't take a picture of it, I pulled the rest of the chicken for chicken salad for Wednesday's lunch. Once I pulled all the chicken off there really wasn't that much left; which made me pretty proud I ate the whole thing!

Wednesday night I cheated, Amber and I started talking about sushi so I caved and ordered sushi for one...

It was alright, nothing to really brag about, and it didn't really give me the fix I was hoping for. Good thing Amber and I have sushi plans while I'm in Boise.

I believe in all things Costco, so whenever my mom goes, I beg her to buy MMR and I the essentials, Tuna and Mac and Cheeese so naturally I had this combo - again, nothing picture worthy.

Friday: Was my favorite dish: I love fish, just like chicken little, I bought these at the store:

and made this:

Salmon, rice, beans, tortilla

Saturday I cleaned the floor and kitchen and was pretty much exhausted so I copped out and ordered Papa Murphy's, another way to have food for days. I ordered a Medium Murphy's Combo, everything I love and need in a pizza - Salami, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, and onion. I had lunch on Sunday and a slice with dinner.

To wrap up the post week's meals, I had tilapia salad, with pesto pasta, I was pretty impressed I came up with that idea all on my own. 

When I cleaned the kitchen last weekend I threw a lot of expired food away :( it made me cringe as I watched the dollars drive down the road in the trash truck...So this week's meals have been kind of a con-jumbled mess. I have put everything in my cupboard together so that I don't waste a lot while I am gone. 

Here's to healthy summer eating!

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