Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Wow my friends was yesterday a crazy day. I am really hoping that my Monday's are not all like that!

I am taking two classes this semester, Espanol and a literature class. These two classes are at opposite ends of my day (morning and afternoon). The good news in this is that I get to either walk or bike 1.6 miles four times a day so that is great exercise. The downside is that I have to break up work and have less time in the evening to do fun activities like shooting my bow, cleaning my kitchen, hanging with MMR, eat lunchables, you know the crazy fun us adults like to have.

Yesterday I had so much real work to do it got a little overwhelming. But I think that was just me needing something to panic over, it had been a while. MMR has been working out with the boxing club these last few nights, tonight in particular it was a late session. I used that time to go for a run on the treadmill.

INSERT TREADMILL RUN HERE. Actually read: sat on my butt and watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and did homework. Wow, I hope all my posts don't turn into this.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Side note for tomorrow :) :

I get emails daily from Runners World, and some of them I find useful. I got one this morning with some really good Cycle Cross Training workouts. I am going to try some of these tomorrow and report back. Some of them are for cycling outside, I will be doing this indoors as I don't have a real bike. Bicycling: Cross-Training for Runners

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