Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hungry Hungry Human

Sometimes I wish I could have someone cook and then spoon feed me, in the non-creepy way of course.
I'm in between cooking a delicious dinner for myself because...I got ditched...for horseback riding. It's okay though, I would ditch Ryan for horseback riding; if I only it didn't frighten me a little bit. The menu for tonight is some baked tilapia with chalua garlic hot sauce and mesquite seasoning on top of some spinach with bacon bits, cheese (lots of it) and sunflower seeds. Yum, Yum, Yum........

Dinner last night was absolutely soooooo good. Exactly what I was craving:

That would be meatloaf with onions, tomato paste, and brown sugar topped with the top secret chili sauce my mom makes every year. Sides were twice baked potato with bacon bits, cheddar cheese and sour cream, and spinach - my new favorite veggie. I'm not going to lie to you this whole cooking thing is getting to me.

I basically worked all day which if I told you about it would probably make you hit that x in the corner of this page, and I would like you to keep reading and believe that I am not the most boring person ever : )

I ventured outside the confines to do my Wednesday workout, but failed miserable when I tripped over a curb and then got a horrible side cramp. Instead of running I decided to just take the dog for a walk. The side cramp wouldn't go away even with walking. I will blame that on eating ravioli from a can 3 hours prior, and overloading on coffee with virtually no water all day. I have a problem, I don't know how to get up from my desk during the day, that includes using the restroom.

While walking my beloved pooch I decided that it's not a great idea to skip breakfast and that I should probably try a little bit harder to break that habit. Goal for tomorrow is to eat all my square meals and a couple snacks in between. This is a pretty huge goal since I catch myself glued to my desk chair with an empty coffee cup and that's about all I eat until it's time for dinner :( I know terrible.

I really wanted to go out for margaritas tonight, but I got ditched :( Looks like I will just watch the season premier of X Factor and DVR The Voice so Ryan and I can bond over how good looking Blake Shelton is and how much we love Christina Aguilera's crazy outfits.

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  1. Dinners looked and sounded delicious! Guess what I'm making you for Monday...