Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today Ryan and I wandered outside the confines of our three bedroom apartment. Well, I needed to run errands and have this fear of doing anything myself, so ultimately I drafted Ryan to come with me.

First stop: Staples...Let me tell you I could spend all day in a store that offers office supplies. But, because I had my time clock with me, it was all business. My laptop battery died :( Sad, my laptop is just barely a year! I got a great deal considering the internet told me it was going to cost $140 for a new battery. I ended up only spending $88. I let Ryan throw in some batteries for our ancient calculator, he needs to ace his calculus test tomorrow. I think I will go back soon to get some sweet office supplies, after all, work is just what I do for a living now. I would just die and be broke, ours does not look like this though.

Second stop: Starbucks...mmmmmmMMMm...Enough said. I bought my pumpkin spice latte which was delicious, I instantly wanted to bake yummy pumpkin pie.

Third stop: The mall, and by mall, I mean indoor strip plaza. I have never seen such a quiet mall. I have not been shopping since...actually...I can't really remember the last time I went shopping for something other than groceries and Lululemon. The mall was impressive for a small town, we have a Famous Footwear (Buy One Get One sale!!),  Buckle, Macy's, Old Navy and Ross. We stopped in Macy's because....I have a job interview there! I applied for a part-time administrative assistant. Basically, the HR stuff you don't need college for. I wanted to scope out the store, and buy a new outfit for my interview. I didn't score an outfit there, I decided it was a little cheesy to buy an outfit from where you are applying. I should probably unpack all of my clothes (4 more suite cases and 1 box) and I bet I have one in there.

Besides.....I want to save my pennies so when I am in Boise next week, I can buy all the Nike, and Under Armour winter gear Dicks has to offer ;) Like these ... I wonder how I will fair in Vandal Country!

I must go put the potatoes in the oven - Ryan basically cooked the best dinner ever!!!

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