Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Back

Yes I'm back...For reals this time.

My schedule has been so out of whack lately. I would like to say that it's because I am so busy running around doing new fun things, but I'm not. So here is me pretending like I never left in the first place.

Tonight will be round 3 (AKA night 3) of watching Sons of Anarchy. Ryan and I are obsessed, really obsessed. Like finish season 2 tonight start season 3 obsessed. I am not quite sure what we are going to do when we are done with season 3 - season 4 is not on Netflix - BOOOOOOOOO. Looks like we are going to have to remove some couch cushions and empty the lint trap in the dryer and hope we can come up with $40.00 to buy it.

 My work out today was pretty much non-existent :( . Since we really can't afford a gym membership for me quite yet, I have my "home gym", which consists of my legs for running, 5 lb dumbbells, 6 lb medicine ball, yoga mats up the wazoo, and my iPhone. It works for now. Today is my off day from running so I was going to cross-train with a lower body and ab workout, courtesy of Nike Training. I got through the "Better Butt" when work emergencies started pouring in so I stopped.

Dinner tonight is going to be lovely Pizza - homemade of course, but no veggies, I REALLY need to go grocery shopping tomorrow!!!

I'm going to wrap up my post making a commitment to Blogging everyday :) I really think my life lessons are worth sharing daily! Okay, I'm only half joking. Maybe tomorrow I'll post twice and give my opinion on the VP debates tomorrow night. I'm not sure how happy Ryan will be putting of SOA tomorrow. After this week my DVR will be full....Guess what else starts tomorrow!!! DUCK DYNASTY!!

PPS - Thanks Kandace (my sister-in-law) for reminding me I haven't been posting in a while. It finally made me not lazy anymore!!!! Here is a picture of her and I at her Graduation party. She is a very sophisticated RN and my BFF - Yes we are adults and we like to match, I can't help it we have the same sense of style!!!

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  1. I need to start blogging too! :) Soon! I love our dresses and scarves!