Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Well.....Yes I know it's a little late, like over half a month late, but better now than never!! I have tons of juicy details to share with you over the next couple days. Ryan and I have been living quite the interesting life up here in the "northern tundra". Well it's exciting to me and that's all that counts, right?! ; )

Today is throw back Thursday in the world of Instagram (allysonmarie). So...I'm going to have throw back Thursday here...only instead of just posting pictures, I will share a little bit more about them.

See Jane Run 5k
This is my friend Liz and I
She actually introduced me to 'serious' running. This was my second 5k that I had run, but the first that I had actually trained for. She showed me one of the couch-to-5k programs that are out there. Liz did an excellent job motivating me and was my running buddy through this. It was such a fun race, there was champagne and chocolate afterwards, can't complain!

Me and Stephen (the brother). 
This was taken on one of our famous Griswold Vacations, circa 2007. We are at the San Diego zoo doing what we do best, being complete cheese balls. I clearly love the polar bear, and my brother is questioning who the heck he is related too.

Meet Dude the puppy. 
He's a black lab mixed with Vizla, even though I think he's about 92.97% lab. We adopted him from a family who could not devote enough time to him. He is quite the wonder dog, and also twice this size now. This was his chewing phase, apparently my dress tasted delicious.

Ryan wanted to make a debut on the blog tonight. He is being very patient while I wrap up this post so he can write an English paper. I am going to go earn 34 wife points by signing off and sharing the electronics. 

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