Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekend Projects

So this weekend Ryan and I were suppose to be going down to Boise to visit, but with some last minute change of plans we decided to stay home. With work being a little bit slower I have re-instated my Pinterest obsession and found some neat projects for Ryan and I (probably mainly me as some of them are a little to girly for his taste) to complete this weekend.

Right now we just have one picture above our headboard. I am going to run down to Ross and see if they have a cute mirror. I will post before and after photos sometime this weekend.

One of my "New Years Resolutions" this year is to seriously stop eating out 24/7. I always make a list for the grocery store that has all our meals planned out, but then not paying attention I throw it away when I get home. This will keep it organized, well we hope anyways.

I have never baked anything from scratch before. These look really good and really easy to make. I told Ryan that hopefully by June my cooking won't scare him anymore!

Also on the agenda for this weekend, my long 3 mile run tomorrow ; ) . I'm still unable to shake the stupid cough I got for Christmas. I usually make it to 2.5 miles and then start hacking up my lungs, hopefully drowning myself in water all week will make it magically disappear. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Drowning yourself in water ???? That simply doesn't sound too good.!!! I really like these ideas. Wish I had a wall behind my headboard instead of the window..Maybe I will just move the bed around and then I will fall over the darn thing going into my room...Maybe a big sheet of sheet rock will fix that problem better...LOL Keep us posted on the inspiration !!!!!

  2. I couldn't find a black mirror anywhere! I might have to wait until we get to Boise next month in order to find one. I have so many ideas I want to do! I'm even getting Ryan on board :)