Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Can't Handle The Truth

Name that movie....GO....

That title has nothing to do with this post, it's just on in the background as I write this.

As requested, here's the bedroom project so far:

Before. Yes, I made the bed special for this picture. Ryan was impressed. He also said I should keep blogging so the house can stay clean.

This is my during picture. Yes I notice my lamp shade is crooked.

Here is the inspiration post. I decided to do it a little differently. Since I was having trouble finding a black decorative mirror Ryan had the idea to buy a black door mirror (this one) and hang it horizontally on the bottom. We don't have a Target here, or in Lewiston so I am going to have to order it online. I need to see what it will look like before I make the final decisions on a canvas.

This is a super easy-DIY project, however my resources, both selection and finances are a little tight, so I did what I could.


Let's talk Goals.

Today was my mid-week run, 3 miles, my head wasn't into it today.  I have been watching The Lying Game on Netflix during my runs, but today, my headphones kept falling out, the gym was too warm, and I just could not get my head into it. Towards the end of my run, and I mean at mile 2.2 I asked myself, why am I even doing this? I have until April to run 13.1 miles. Well then I started to remember my goals for this race in April:

1.) Finish my 13.1 miles.
Just finish. I have only run 5k races, this will be the longest distance to date.

2.) Stick to the training plan that works with my body.
I have put together training plans, and then just fallen through, made excuses and straight given up.


3.) Not compare myself to others in the running world. It's so easy to get caught up in what the runner next to you is doing, or reading about phenominal times. Someday I will get there, but right now, I am OK with my 11:59/mile pace!

Get out there and get busy meeting your goals!


  1. Does just get up and go to the gym count as getting out there.?? Didn't go yesterday because of the icy roads so went early today... Went the same distance on both the bike an treadmill but added about 30 minutes leg weight machines... Keep running :)