Thursday, January 24, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

Wow, it's Thursday already?! You can also find these pictures on my Instagram (allysonmarie). So today's installment:

Back in 2011 my Dad called me and said, how would you feel about skydiving, your brother really wants to do it. I hadn't really thought about it before, but heck why not! Me thinking this was just a question in generally, like do you like to sleep? I went back to what I was doing. Later that afternoon my dad calls me back and said that we had an appointment Saturday to go Skydiving, wait wha?! Sure enough, Ryan, Stephen and I free fell from an airplane, and it was awesome.

This is my first and only tattoo - see all that blood by my ankle?! Yeah it hurt a little bit, I asked the artist to stop twice, both times because I had to pee, well at least that's what I tell myself to sound tough. Actually in all seriousness it didn't hurt as bad as I had hyped it up to be. The other day Timmy scratched me and it reminded me of how this felt, I think I might wait a little bit longer before I get my next one.

Ryan and I mean muggin'. End of story.

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