Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Day Late...

and a dollar short, did I get that right? Well this post is going to be short and sweet with excellent pictures of myself, and Ryan.

Yesterday Ryan went ice fishing again. I went for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was really fun, but pretty chilly. Ryan has been going pretty consistently and has caught about 26 trout. Our friends Tyler and Jess are his fishing buddies and they have caught about the same. Where they have been fishing they're catching stocked rainbow trout, and let me tell you they are so delicious to eat! Yesterday though, it was a slow day, only 7 fish : ( , but hey the sun was shining so that made it all better! Ryan does such a good job with is him cleaning them, so all I have to do is be the lazy one and eat.

Dinner was so good I forgot to take a picture. Last night we had fish with some white wine, lemon pepper, bacon bits, and whatever other seasonings were in the cupboard. We cooked it on the grill in foil.

Here are the pictures I promised of those picture frames, that are still not hung on the wall yet. Trust me, they will be on the wall tomorrow, with my mirror. I will also post a picture of the canvas I picked.

Terrible picture, the next one of this frame will be better. Scouts honor.

Today was a running day at the gym. Ever since the new year started the gym has been so busy. The gym's a little small, but Moscow is a little small. I'm pretty sure 75% of the population are students and they work out at the rec center. There are two other gyms to choose from if you are not a student so roughly if my math is correct *Dad, please don't check* that leaves, if split evenly 12% of the rest of us go to my gym. I secretly just wanted to show you guys I could do/attempt to do math.

LONG STORY SHORT...every machine was taken. I waited patiently and pounced on the first treadmill that opened up. I completed 2.3 miles in 30 minutes, just what the workout called for. On Thursday I will have a post up about my goals for this particular race which relates to my times/distances. I did my normal stretches post run, and surprisingly my quads are feeling it today. Yesterday I did the elliptical and a quick 20 minute strength class with some dumbbells and resistance bands.

Because I know you wanted to see me headless post run. Actually I posted this on Instagram and didn't realize I cropped my head off. I'm kind of happy it did because I was rockin' the side pony which I am pretty sure will never come back in style. I also want to be able to look back on my blog and track my progress, see my muscles change, that kind of self-absorbed stuff ; )

Well so much for this post being short and sweet. I just kept rambling and rambling on....... last thing, I added a page of the nav bar. It's titles "the kids" or something like that. It talks about our furry kids, well until we get the real ones.


  1. Me either ! The real ones will be so much fun !!!!!

    1. Someday in the distant future :) In the mean time we can all spoil Elliot ; )