Sunday, January 20, 2013

Runner's High

So everyone talks about it, and I usually feel great after a run, but yesterday's runners high was better than ever before! When I got back from the gym I could not sit still. I immediately made and egg sandwich, sat, barely, ate it, then did this dishes, and loaded the dishwasher. I looked over and Ryan had started to move furniture to really deep clean the living room, I jumped right in and helped!

It didn't stop there..I actually got ready for the day and then run my errands, the dreaded mall. Lucky for me, the mall isn't that big, but its pretty much the only place to go shopping in the Pullman/Moscow area. I needed to go to the craft store to get supplies ; ). We decided to only go with the bedroom project, Ryan reminded me I am suppose to be responsible and pay bills.

Bedroom Project:
I had two pictures frames laying around the house that still had their original picture in them. I went to Michaels and bought two different peices of scrap book paper, put them in the frame and WALLA! For the mirror, I was out of luck. I only went to Ross, and they had nothing! I didn't find a canvas I like either. Ryan had a better idea for the mirror...this will be a surprise.

We haven't gotten a change to hang the picture frames yet, we have to move the one currently on the wall. And then today I lounged around and watched half the San Fran game, then hand washed the tile/lineolium floors in the house, which is a kitchen and two bathrooms. That took a couple hours. We went down to Lewiston and had dinner with Tyler and Jess. We are just getting home and I'm sure our upstairs neighbor doesn't want to hear pounding at 11:00 PM.

We will hang them and I will take a progress picture. Tomorrow I have to work : ( boooooo! Okay I'm over it, someone has to pay for me to do all these craft projects! On the agenda for tomorrow, besides work. Gym, stregnth train workout, and going to get that mirror and more supplies.

Here's to a great weekend and a great week ahead!

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