Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buried Treasure

Yesterday Ryan and I went to the antique mall to look for some old whiskey barrels so I can pretend to be a gardener. We spent a good 75 minutes there and would've probably spent another 75 but they were closing. We didn't find any barrels, but we did find this:

I think it's pretty cool, on the lower banner it says Moscow
which if you didn't know that's where we live : )

I recently have decided that I want to plant flowers and some herbs, and if Ryan is really patient maybe some veggies. Since we're 89% sure that we are going to stay in this apartment I would LOVE to give the outside a makeover. Once we get our tax money back (yes I was that person that waited until April 6 to send it off) renovations will start. By renovations I mean planters  seeds and watering cans; good thing it's not very warm up here or I would've missed my window of opportunity. 

Yesterday afternoon I found a recipe on Pinterest for dinner and desert. Dummy over here re-pinned the cookies and then x'd out of the main meal! I couldn't find it when I went back so I tried really hard to remember what the ingredients were to TRY and cook it on my own. Dinner was a successful three cheese baked pasta which apparently is really hard to screw up; dodged a bullet on that one. However, desert was a disaster. I tried to make these:

However, they did not come out looking like that, or tasting very outrageous, they were super dry and way to "cakey", and trust me I love any form of chocolate cake! I guess you can't win them all! Since we are leaving again on Friday to go out of town, I think I will wait until next week to pick some other desert to butcher bake.

Well, I'm off to go do some step aerobics, Bringin' back the 80's!!!

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  1. Costco has some fake half whiskey barrels for about 20 bucks if I remember right. should check in B town