Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Date Night

When Ryan got home from work today he had the idea to go over to Pullman and play some Blackjack. Having fun Monday - Friday is a little out of the ordinary, I've gotten into the daily grind of wake up, go to work, finish work, go to gym, make dinner, study, go to bed, do it all over again tomorrow. Or in other terms, I prefer to be old and boring.

After my inner dialogue I decided to heck with being old and boring, lets go have fun. Zeppos has anything and everything for all ages. The Blackjack dealers don't get there until 6, or at least that's what I think they said. We decided to go bowling before hand and let me brag.....I had a PR in bowling scores. 

Good game right there! 

It's Thirsty Thursday today and if you get a strike with a colored pin as the king pin (I guess this might be called Monte Carlo bowling?) then you get 2 for 1 pitchers after 10PM. Well, my ninth frame, and Ryan's tenth frame were both Monte Carlo strikes. That means if we had fast forwarded time, we would've gotten 4 pitchers of beer to demolish.

Check out this good form: Great-Grandpa Brandt would be proud...

Now here's my poor photography skills - Ryan has super good form
I just don't know how to capture it:

We only bowled one game and then hit the gambling tables. We are both pretty unseasoned when it comes to the Blackjack rules. Lucky for us the table was winning and the competitors were willing to help. I'm not sure they are even competitors, maybe table mates? See I'm new here. Since what's mine is yours combined we walked away up $50.00, now when we travel to Boise tomorrow we don't have to scavage the couch cushions. I think my new book I read is going to be about Blackjack so I can be all knowledgeable and rich.

Last thought of the night: I am thinking about switching my blog over to Tumblr? Anyone out there know much about using Tumblr? I like Blogger, but I would like to add more tabs and pages but am not quite ready yet to pay for a domain. I would love any suggestions anyone has!!!!!

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  1. Love seeing the two of you, just wish it hadn't been from the angle we see...LOL BTW great game bowling !!!! Love ya both, travel safe