Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coeur d'Alene Marathon ReCap

Happy national running day! I didn't run today, it's a rest day in the big ol' make me faster training plan. But I'm going to talk about running so that still counts - right?!

On Sunday May 26 I ran the half marathon option of the Coeur d'Alene Marathon. This was my first half marathon ever and I left it with a love-hate relationship. 

My final time was 2:39:17. Not bad since my goal was just to finish the race. I knew going into it that I hadn't committed 100% to a training plan so I expected a slower time. 

Wake up call was 5:30 (ouch) and the temp was pretty chilly. I chatted it up with some other runners most were running the marathon since I was so early! Start time for the half was 7:30.

I was cruising along great, I guess that's race adrenaline speed since I ran my fastest miles - 1, 2 and 3. At mile 3 there was my first aid station - I took some water and HEED? It tasted gross, I thought she said Gatorade. Still cruising along great and then I check my phone for the first time, It's mile 6 and I can see another aid station, and all of a sudden I'm feeling tired :( . 

I power through and tell myself at the half way point. I can stop and re-group, shed some layers (I was wearing long sleeves and sweating bullets). At the half way I got situated and texted Ryan and my Dad letting them know where I was and kept on going. On the way back they did not do a good job of posting miles, which I didn't like.

I kept checking my phone and time was just going so slow (I also had no headphones). I got to mile 9 and died. I was dead. This is now my longest run to date, and I started cursing running. I didn't know why anyone did this - who thinks running 13 miles is fun?! I sure as heck don't! Then my body started to ache and I got down on myself for not training properly. 

But then....the last aid station - mile 11. I took some Gatorade, and water and got my second wind. I actually started to enjoy this again, oh wait you mean my legs were just numb at this point?

At mile 12 I saw Ryan which was an even bigger lift! I only had one mile to go, 11-12 more minutes, I can do this!! 

I'm being a lazy pants at this point.

Seeing the straight away was the best feeling in the world. I started sprinting like dinosaurs were chasing me!! I finished, wait what, I FINISHED!

Afterwards I was so happy I could've cried - ok I did a little, hence my face above. Once I was done and was stretching and eating a choco chip cookie and an orange, I remembered why I did this, it was the best running high of endorphins and sweat.

Diva moment

My next half is going to be in September. I am currently using a training plan by coach Jeff Gaudette. My goal for this race is to run a sub 2:30. I have a lot of speed workouts which is definitely a different type of run. I did a speed work woot yesterday for the first time EVER. 

My plan has me running 4 days a week, and this week I have two days of speed work out and my long run is only 6 miles. Let's be honest this won't be the last time we talk about this plan, I'm a little obsessed and excited about it.

I hope everyone got out and did something running related; yes I count running, blogging about running, fueling for running, shopping for running - you get my drift ;) 

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