Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Turner Vacation

I have been meaning to update this sooner but all of a sudden BOOM I was super busy, mainly work drama that would bore you to tears, but...

A couple weekends ago my in-laws came to visit Ryan and I here in our Small Town USA. We had a fun filled weekend planned, visiting family, watch me race, hang out, eat, you know the things you do on vacation.

Ryan's Godmother Rose lives about 90 minutes north of us, she is 99!!!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes no joke, 99! Her and Ryan share a birthday which is pretty amazing, she is such a sweet woman! Rose lives with her daughter and son-in law in the most beautiful circle house, in the middle of the wilderness. They have a moose that visits them everyday and eats from their fruit tree. I am not even making this up, sounds perfect to me!

Ryan, Rose and I

I make jokes that Ryan is unsure of, at least Rose gets my humor.

After we visited we went to church in Post Falls and visited with a family priestly friend : ) 

Then it was time to CARBO-LOAD one of the many reasons I love to race/run/workout. This weekend I had eaten so much it wasn't even funny. The thought of food by the end of Saturday night made me want to puke. Yes I am extreme. 

We went to Olive Garden, where I sampled Red wine like a big girl, but ended up going with the bubbly Moscato, my absolute favorite wine out there! I got my typical Seafood Alfredo, it was delicious, we don't have an Olive Garden where we live so I always pick wisely when we go to places (read: I never stray away from the usual but pretend to be adventurous) 

It was the perfect Saturday! I love spending time with family. Can't wait to be back in Boise again next week.

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