Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Whereabouts

So to ease myself into posting here (because it's so hard right?!) here is a jumble of what I have been up to via photographs from my phone...

Gotta love snow in the middle of May. 
Good thing I had just gotten home from my run.
I would've stopped and cried if I had gotten stuck in this.

Mountain Man Ryan (MMR) and his second side kick. I'm the first. 
Stopped to go fishing road trips always include pit stops now.

 Nerd alert - I love the smell of the earth after its rains. 
I had just driven through an epic rain shower.

My handsome nephew Elliott. He is just the cutest cuddliest stud muffin ever.

The adult arcade, Dave and Busters - I love me some tickets.
I am saving them for the waffle maker, we (because Ryan cares so much) only need  4000 more.

THE most amazing desert ever, my mom made it, just like on Chopped. 
I told her she needs to go on Chopped.

Race for the Cure 5k - with my BFFs

My BIL Paul celebrating his birthday

Dude and Tango cuddling chilling on a dirt road

My main squeeze fishing last night

I ran my first half marathon two weekends ago, I am working on a race recap and some other running related posts for the next few days/weeks/years at the rate I'm going! Until next time friends....

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  1. Staying so busy I am proud of you taking the time to share !!!!