Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lazy Saturday's

This one might be rather lengthy. I have been keeping myself busy this week since Ryan and I are separated, we have only 7 more days......

Picture update V.2:

Worlds best cereal. I ate a whole box in one week. No shame.

Mountain Man Ryan - he likes to be one with the fish. Kidding he's float tubin' which is just another way to fish, I guess. ; )

National Donut Day - I made all my friends celebrate with me. AKA I couldn't choose which one I wanted so I bought 6 of my favorite and shared.

Because I am obsessed with Running and my new shoes, and this view.

This is what we do for fun in Idaho - I think it's fun, what wasn't fun: my Lululemon shaped sunburn I received because I think my skin is invincible.

MMR's first "accidental" selfie. He's so handsome.

Alive After 5 with the Elliott and his ladies.

Speaking of Ladies - here is Ladies night at our favorite nightclub. AMF yes please.

Shots. My body can't really handle those anymore. I hate being old.

Well.........apparently all I've been up to is frying my skin and binge drinking. 

My oven was finally fixed this week! I have been oven-less for about 4 weeks now, don't feel sorry for me though it took me 25 days to call the landlord and get it fixed. I baked cookies and then realized in order not to waste them all I must eat them all, wooooops. Luckily I only baked 12 and used it as my countdown until MMR and I are reunited.

Until tonight.........Happy Saturday!

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