Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Mash Up

So yesterday actually turned out to be quite productive despite my expectations. I went for my long run which was craptastic thanks to no ones fault but my own...

I have a sensitive stomach so I try really hard to eat light and then gorge after, which works for me, for now. Well yesterday I ate my breakfast had my coffee, and set off for my run, except .2 mile into my run I could feel my stomach juices moving around and started to get the grumbles. Because I am stubborn I decided to push on, which worked out great for me...NOT. I kept getting these terrible side cramps - which was basically my hungry stomach laughing at me.

I ran along the Moscow-Pullman highway which is 7 miles from end to end, I ran 3.5 in and 3.5 back to my car. In the beginning the sun wasn't too bright, it was overcast and then all of a sudden the clouds were behind me and I could start to feel the heat which meant sunburn, lucky me. I like to get up early, but just to eat and drink coffee, if I want to survive running outside this summer I really need to focus on getting active early in the morning. Next week in Boise its suppose to be 101 - I'll probably have a post in there about how I didn't listen to my own advice and am miserable from running in the heat. 

After my run, ice, eggs and 5 minute nap I decided it was a good idea to hand wash AKA be a slave to my kitchen floor. Oh boy did it need it! It took forever, and by forever I mean 3 hours - but now if you wanted to you could lick ice cream off my kitchen floor not be disgusted; since it's completely normal to eat off that surface.

I wanted to start and complete my craft project for this weekend, but I spent too much time running and cleaning. I saw this one Pinterest:

But decided to change it up a little bit, I'm pretty sure my landlord would not like the holes I would've put in the walls had I attempted to hang all those shelves. Here is my coffee bar, a work in progress...

Before - Obviously

My supplies - I need to get grey paint for the letters, I didn't realize just tracing the letters would make them bigger than the actual part I am gluing them to - you'll see today....

This coming week I will put up a tutorial since I know can fake my way through a craft project. Sorry mom I will know the technical stuff soon enough and won't call you 489842 time from Michaels.

I'm off to do an easy 4 miler - Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

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