Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Plans

So today while talking to my mom I pretty much mapped out the rest of my summer. It's nice to have things to look forward to. Friday I am heading down to Boise for a couple weeks to hang with my peeps. I'm pretty stoked, trust me I have enjoyed this alone time, but my craft project will be finished here tomorrow, and as much as I would like to craft every day it gets kinda spendy.

It's quite funny - Dude can chase the 4 wheeler in an all out sprint for short amounts of time, but when I tried to get him to run with me, his endurance only last about 2 miles. Bring on the Summer project, train my dog to run a half marathon. I guess in the athletic world Dude is a sprinter, not a distance runner. Yesterday we went along the same path as I did on Saturday, just at the opposite end. It's a little more secluded and green which my allergies hate me for today. After we finished our half run/half walk, I dropped him off and did 2 short miles on the treadmill, a total of 6 for the day. Needless to say my legs needed a little rest. Tomorrow I'll be back at it with my first 3x1 ..... ever

Craft project update:
I bought this really pretty metallic grey paint to go with my scrap book paper I chose for the tops of the letters. I got all my letters painted last night. I started doing it outside but then the spontaneous rain came and I had to pack up and head inside.

I got a busy night ahead of me, cooking for one (I will have a really helpful interesting post about how I fed myself these last two weeks)., studying Trainer material, and gluing my little letters. Until tomorrow my friends.

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