Friday, August 23, 2013

My New Toy

About a year after Ryan and I started dating he joked about how I would be a bow hunter someday. I use to just laugh and tell him to stop sippin' the special juice. Well.....6 years later, here I am:

Yes I am showing off my skill in my parents kitchen

This is my birthday present from Ryan, as if he isn't sick of me enough when it's just the two of us in the North, now I get to participate in his favorite activity, all things archery. I will be going out into the wilderness with him, its still to be determined if I am good enough to actually kill something. But that's why you have to practice, right?
Okay - so maybe I do have a chance.

Ryan got me an Inifity Edge Diamond Bow. It's pretty sweet and came with everything I needed so we were able to save a little money. Winner Winner. As you can see, it is regular camo - but I went with pink accessories so it can still be a little girly :) We got it at a local archery shop in Meridian. It's a pretty neat place and they have a lot to offer. I also got a little 45 minute lesson on how to be the best bow shooter ever, hence why I got a bulls eye right away ;)

We've been out shooting a couple times, once with a couple friends and then again yesterday at the outdoor range in Lewiston. Right now, I'm a little under weight for hunting, so we are going to work on getting my noodle arms a little bigger so I can at least pull back 40lbs - right now I think its about 33ish.

Hells Gate State Park - Lewiston - Outdoor Archery Range

That's where we went yesterday - its a pretty cool little range. We went right before a big storm blew threw, so there was lightening and some thunder, which cut my practice time a little short. 

What a stud.

My concentration face.

Target practice is one of my new favorite things like right up there with running. In fact, I think I've shot more the last two weeks than I have actually run, which is my most favorite thing ever - there will be more on that later.

My venture with archery will definitely be another hot topic here. 

Now go get rowdy because IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY:

And watch my very first blog video:

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