Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coming Back

So about three weeks ago, I decided I would be super ambitious and run a half marathon on my own (read that was the long run scheduled). In my attempt to find a cool new outdoor route that would keep me entertain for 2 plus hours, I got injured.

Let's back up to 5 days prior to that, during a conversation with my mom I was bragging about how I have been injury free basically since I started running and that makes me the luckiest coolest person on the planet.

Karma Thank You.

 Now fast forward to the run I completed:

That's the view from the top of the hill I ran up, actually one of the hills I ran up. So the route I picked was rolling hill, after rolling hill, oh and one more rolling hill. There were no flat cruising spots, EVER. The race I was training for has no hills at all, so I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking.

I started my run around town, and then after 4 miles took it out to the country, which was not smart, I ran up and down hills for 8.5 miles, oh and I should mention, I live on the top of one of those hills, so my last .6 to get home was up a hill. When I finally finished it didn't really hit me that I had just done a half marathon on my own, and my time was 2:42 - two minutes slower than my race, but like I said, I added some HILLS.

Ice bath, foam roll, stretch, nap. Wake up, went about my Sunday activities, not sore at all. 

Tuesday, easy 4 mile recovery run - on the treadmill because it was an average of 90 by the time I got off work. I do my warm up jog, bump it up to my easier pace, and I have never felt sharp shooting pain up the front of my leg like this in a really really long time. SHIN SPLINTS, you are evil. I tried to keep running, thinking I am a little sore, nope, I only made it two miles, stretched and went home. 

I decided to take it easy, I tried to run again slower on Thursday and that didn't happen either. So I stuck to walking the pooch, which still hurt. I went out of town to visit some family while Ryan was on a fire (another post in the making) which also meant I went on a running hiatus, for about two weeks. 

PS: I really like these socks

I am pretty convinced that long distance, and all the hills are the culprit. I went on my first run back on Tuesday, I only did 3 miles, but I chose to go back to the evil hills, and it wasn't too bad. My shins were sore, but not in pain. I didn't bring my phone with me so I am lacking photos, because I got one of these for my birthday:

It was definitely weird not having something in my hands, so I may stick to having my phone with me, but not using it to track my miles. I felt really slow and clunky, In 35 minutes I ran 3 miles, but had little to no pain so I can't complain. I also really need to remember, I have lost a lot of my training, they say anything longer than 14 days you will need to back track a little bit.

I have two more runs this week, I am doing it strictly on time, not miles 60 minutes and 75 minutes. I am trying to push my goal pace of 11:00/mile which will keep me on track for my sub 2:30 half (yes I said half new readers, I'm slow). But I am sticking with the hills because.......I have this race to look forward to also.

Slight promo for this race - My Boss is one of the Race Directors. It is gunning to be the toughest race in the Northwest, 6 mils of straight hills, and then back down.....
It also made a debut in Runners World September issue on page 113 on the Race Calendar.

I ran the 5k last year and it was pretty tough, the miles were off, but it was the first race I had ever done with a serious hill, I had no idea how much they take out of you. I've registered for the half, so I must make nice with my evil hills.

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