Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Planning Ahead

Happy Birthday to me! Ok - not really, that was about 9 days ago in case you missed it.

I am obsessed with planning things, futures, weddings, decorating, you name it - anything that needs to be done, it's planned. I think my SIL (sister-in-law) knew that's why an Erin Condren Planner would be the best present for this 25 year olds quarter century birthday.

Everyone needs to check her website out......Erin Condren Store. I use my planner for everything, and I mean everything. It's designed for everything, and did I mention it's personalized? So it all started when SIL asked me to pick a color pattern and what I wanted mine to say. I chose my pattern (which I don't see online anymore), with the colors Seafoam and White. I also got my name on the cover - my full name!

When you flip through the first few pages, there are all the months to organize birthday's and anniversaries, in list format. I love lists - plus seeing them like this makes it so much easier for me to plan for special days.

Each month has a two-page calendar to see the month at a glance, and then it breaks it down into the week. It has morning, day and night for each day of the week. I love this layout. I generally don't have set time for appointments, which is all I can find in a typical planner. My days are generally broken down into the things I do in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

There are some lines left at the bottom of each day, I use this for my workouts. Once school starts (it's weird saying that), this baby will sure get filled up - I plan on using it for my homework and all things scholarly.

Some bonus features I love:
Mini address book for you to hand write all your important contacts - they also have this little feature, who to call when your credit card is lost or stolen. There's also really neat stickers for birthdays, games, vacations, days off, even blank ones for you to write whatever you want!

Personalized stickers, and gift tags, lined note paper and unlined note paper. I'm telling you, this planner has everything anyone could ever need.

I asked Kandace my SIL to write a guest post on her planner since she is the one who got me into it, this is her second planner so I am considering her an expert on the subject.

I first heard about Erin Condren life planners from my neighbor and friend, Ashton Bower.  I saw a photo of hers and started researching them online. As soon as I saw a few video reviews and read a few blog reviews, I knew I had to have one.  I didn't know how much you could personalize and change the colorways until after I ordered mine.  I received it the weekend before Labor Day 2012 and have used it almost every day ever since.  Here is a photo of mine from last year:

This June, Erin Condren released her new covers, including a gold edition Life Planner.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love gold and sparkle and this had a little of both!  Here is a photo of mine for this coming year (of course I chose the pink cover!):

Some things I love about this planner are the two page monthly spread, the daily layout, and the extra room at the bottom that you can use for meal planning, workouts, etc.  The cute, colorful quotes don’t hurt either. 

I use this everyday and don’t know what I would ever get done without it.  My life is very busy as a full-time RN, mom, wife, and now nurse practitioner student. 


See we think alike ;) Erin Condren has some other really cool things on her site for all ages! Seriously check it out, I want your life to be wonderfully organized! 

Please note, these are our own opinions, no compensation was offered for this post.

Here are some of those quotes we were telling you about:

Tell me - do you guys use planners for anything? Student or not trust me they are helpful!!

How do you stay organized?

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