Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend-Wrap Up

So this weekend was pretty low key for MMR and I. We didn't go anywhere (out of town at least), just hung out, cleaned, slept, watched football. You know the super fun things in life.

Friday Night I kinda bailed on life at 6:00 and decided to do my hill repeats. The hill I picked is a mile from my house so i used that as my warm up, then my work out was suppose to look like this:

8:400 meter hill repeats, use the downhill as your recovery
Cool Down 1 mile
20 minute abs at the gym
Total: 6 miles

My actual work out: 4:400 mete hill repeats, used the downhill as major recovery, Cool down run to Rosaurs. 

Ryan called me just as I was getting to the top of the hill of my 5th repeat telling me to hurry up and head home because he got a deer, but couldn't find it. So I ran down another hill - which I think I might use for my workout this coming week - and met MMR at Rosaurs so I could change into some jeans and help him track. Note: I am not really good at the whole outdoors thing. I was a little bummed about cutting my workout short, but I should've known better. The hike was not easy at all, it made my hills that I was running look like a sissy. We were able to catch a really pretty sunset though on the wheat fields. 

My Hill - I swear it's steeper in person

We didn't end up finding the deer :( But MMR is way determined so he headed out early Saturday morning to pick up where we left off.
I have many new craft projects and re-decorating projects I want to start, I call it the Binge and Purge. Bingeing on buying things to re-furb and then purging all the things we really really don't need anymore. One thing I am in the market for are two large rectangular shaped picture frames, and a smaller sized bed side table. So naturally I went to some yard sales.

It was a bust, no one had furniture :( So I ended up going to the farmers market for some produce. Our farmers market has definitely grown since we moved here. It use to just be in a parking lot, and now it spans almost 4 blocks.

Saturday night MMR and I kept it low key, red boxed a movie, which was interesting to say the least. I love quiet nights at home.
Sunday Funday! I woke up in beast mode and NEEDED to finish cleaning my kitchen. I did not stop until I had a kitchen table to see and a floor to eat off of. ;)

I love fall, it is my favorite time of year, yes favorite, even more than summer. I went for my run today, because I wanted to be productive during the day, I ran later in the evening; when Ryan went and took Dude out to the fields to find some birds. I did 6 miles in 65 minutes, I ran on the path leading out to Pullman, the nice flat path. It felt good to have a flat run, it also felt way easier. It was also really pretty running at sunset.

More pictures from this past week:

The reason I didn't blog much last week, it was hard enough typing at work. I got stung by a bee on my knuckle labor day weekend. This was Sunday.

Two boxes of Benedrill and four days later I could finally wear my wedding ring.

Our chicken tacos 

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