Saturday, September 14, 2013

What's Up

I have been trying to have meaningful posts ready to go on the days I have school twice a day. Those are the days I end up working late, having to work out, pick up the house etc. I wish I lived the boring life of sitting around; But instead I live the boring life of working and studying and did I mention be boring? I have a few posts for next week in the works, so for now, you get this:

Wendy's happened on Monday night. The baked potatoe was not all that happened, the pretzel burger thingy is also delicious, but I will admit I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture. I will also admit, that at about 2:30am my intestines hated me.

Here's what I slave away at and get paid to do...

It would be a pretty sweet life to burn things for a living, but that's not what I do. I just work with the banks and the housing market.

Yummy chicken parm - chef status. This is actually one of the only meals I cooked this week. Don't wory though I have a game plan to be a better housewife.

One of the few workouts I hit this week. Surprisingly my headband is the only thing on me from Lululemon. My shirt is a running Nike top from many many years ago. Shorts are Athleta from many many years ago also. It's time to do some major workout wear laundry so I'm even surprised I match.

My wedding ring finally fits, my hand is back to normal human hand size. My knuckle is still a little swollen, but I'll take it compared to the other. Oh and see my nails. I did them myself. It's my attempt of being fancy for free.

Ryan and I went to Applebee's the other night down in Lewiston with Tyler and Jess. I for once got something that wasn't pasta or a sandwich. I got the Margarita Chicken and Shrimp. I was good, I ate all of it. We also indulged in desert.

Chocolate cake is never bad.

I just had to document the unseasonably warm weather we are having - I decided to go for my run in the evening thinking it would be cooler - well that was a fail. I also met an interesting stranger...

This stranger no joke threw the lemon at me. Because I lack quick reflexes I didn't catch it and he told me to enjoy it in my water it would help me run faster, and to learn how to catch. I think it was a perfectly fine lemon, but I threw it away just to be safe.

Now it is finally the weekend and I can be like a normal human being! We have an afternoon full of fun activities planned, which I will of course fill you in on tomorrow evening.

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