Monday, October 21, 2013

Work-Out Recap 10/7-10/13 AND 10/14-10/20

Week 1 done, and I am tired and sore.

Monday 10/7:

I did a work out on my break from work. And on break I mean put dinner in the crock pot and exercise, then go back to work. I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 2. It is hard and it kicks my trash. I wish there was a Level 1.5. I love these work outs though, they only last 20 minutes and consist of everything I need, strength, cardio drills and core work. You are constantly moving and sweating and hurting. After I did this yoga video:

Tuesday 10/8:
My first run post-race. Easy 3 Miles. I did them here. My run was a little hard. I kept it at a 10:00 pace which is a little faster than I'm use to. I am really trying to push my limits on all of my runs, that's the only way I'm going to get better.

Wednesday 10/9:
My first speed work out - 5x400's. I ran my 400's at my goal 5k pace 8:30, and my recovery 400's at my "slow" pace 10:00. I did walk a couple times. The only other time I've done 5x400 was the week of my race just to see what they were all about, and today it was so much harder. My legs felt like lead at the end which is the point I guess. I went to the gym and used the treadmill. There are only two outdoor tracks here, the middle school and at UofI. Note to self, 5:30 is not the time to go, both were being used by the school. I am guessing I'm going to need to get up early and start doing my speedwork before school starts.

Thursday 10/10:
"Easy run" on schedule, did 3.13 miles in 32 minutes. A little slower than I really wanted, but my legs are feeling like lead today. I am really sore/tight in my hamstrings and inner thighs. I'm guessing those are the main muscles that are not used to being used to run. Also, they are my least flexible leg muscle so I know my future is full of forward folds. After this run I also had some strength training on the agenda. I ended my run at the gym and we in and did a 20 minute ab class. Thankfully no one was using the rooms, it's been getting busier and busier.

Friday 10/11:
Rest day - my legs needed it! My body just felt so so tired.

Saturday 10/12:
Another 3.03 miles, 31:12. I felt okay with this. It's just an easy run to ease me into the weeks to come.

My favorite flat speedy route
Sunday 10/13:
Long run - 5 miles, 56:00 minutes. I wanted to take this one extra slow. I kept up with my "usual" pace. They say you should keep your long runs comfortable because it's about the distance not the time. I took my usual path out, which is really pretty this time of year. I also went when the sun was starting to go down, which made it a little chilly. I wore a skirt and a long sleeve shirt, and my legs just stayed cold, I actually had goosebumps.

I went back for my long run.

Week Total: 16 Miles, 142 minutes, my weekly mile average - 9:00/mile ish - easy rounded up math.
Monday 10/14
Rest day - not suppose to be a rest day but my legs were really tights from Sunday's long run. I want to make sure I am giving my legs some good rest, the last thing I want is to get injured.

Tuesday 10/15:
Another rest day :( Work was really starting to pick up, and I was just too tired to work out, but I guess that's life, you win some you loose some.

I should be doing a nice easy relaxing run. But I'm not I'm enjoying treats.

Wednesday 10/16:
Third rest day in a row. Consider me off the bandwagon. Just kidding. THIS IS LIFE. It happens, you get busy. HOWEVER, this has put a lot of things in perspective for me. I need to PRIORITIZE my days and plan better.

I should be figuring out my first tempo run and showing you negative splits. But this Starbucks tastes better.

Thursday 10/17:
I did it! I went for a run. I changed things up a little bit because of time, but I did 1 mile at a  9:30 pace in the morning. and then I did 2 miles at the gym at a 10:10 pace. Total 3 hard miles (that's what I get for slacking for three days) 29:50. Then I did the same 20 minute ab work out from last week. There are a couple classes you can pick, I did the one with lots of planks and lots of sit ups; my abs were burnin'.

Friday 10/18:
Normal rest day, but clearly I have enough of them this week so I did some cross training. I went to the gym and did a 35 minute Definition class they offer. This one is by far my favorite. It was broken down into three sets of exercises, each set had three moves that you did for 35 seconds/per exercise. You did leg work, upper body work, and core work. My shoulders and back are still sore. I used five pound weights and 8 pound weights. I am going to stick with this one, hopefully my gym keeps it around, maybe next week I will show you some exercises.

Saturday 10/19:
Run - 3 Mile Pace - more speed work. I am actually falling in love with speed work. It's hard, but I like knowing that if I keep up with it my overall speed will improve. My pace workouts are meant to be run at my goal half marathon pace. I ran this one a little bit faster than that. For some reason I had it in my head that you ran this at 5K pace, but that's what my track workouts are for. I finished 3.01 in 27:00. A new 5K PR - too bad I wasn't at an actual race.

Sunday 10/20:
Rest day - exercise fail, but I used today to hang out with the family, and get ready for week which is a win. I clearly need to buckle down on some things, and I'm not only talking about exercise. But that's what this blog is about - keeping me accountable and sharing my journey along the way.

Week Total: 6 Miles, 56:50 - my weekly mile average 9:50. Slower than last week, but obviously I deserve that. 

See you all tomorrow for my fresh Motivation Monday - I need it to get my butt in line.

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