Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Weekend! Here are this weeks favorites:

Favorite Number 1:
Found the rest of our Halloween decorations! You better believe that I will be drinking some wine out of my classy plastic slime martini glass. I also found all the tools to carve pumpkins, including the stencils. Now we will be ready to go to carve pumpkins this weekend!!!!

Favorite Number 2:
I am half way through the semester and so far I am surviving. I can't wait to pick new classes and plan next semester. We get to meet with advisors next week - which also means I am one more step closer to graduating!!! 

Favorite Number 3:
Ok it hasn't happened yet, but I am beyond excited to go up to CDA/Spokane tomorrow!! I think I might even convince MMR to do some Christmas shopping. Yes I have Christmas on my brain, it's been there since I watched Home Alone last weekend. It's been years since I've been to an amusement park, and by years, I mean my 16th Birthday. Another bonus, its super cheap.

Favorite Number 4:
Having Dude help me with Yoga. This afternoon I went and did a 35 minute weights class and someone wanted the room after me, so I did my favorite Yoga video on Youtube for 35 minutes. Dude always lays down when I lay down. We are trying to get him to do down dog on command.

Favorite Number 5:
Friday nights home with my BFF MMR. Goodnight.

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