Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Time

The weekend is pretty much finally here, which means one thing, FALL BREAK! Tomorrow we are heading down to B-Town to hang out with our family and friends for Turkey Day. I can't wait to spend the week eating, eating and some more eating.

On that three restaurants I absolutely cannot go without when I am in Boise:

Some other musts, Which Which and Red Robin. That's a lot of eating out! I usually gorge myself when we are in Boise because it's just a weekend and I know I will be heading right back home. 
MMR and I don't usually eat out when we are home. I really enjoy cooking, especially now that I am not running I am paying a little more attention to what I am eating.

I'm not into dieting or depriving your body from what it wants. I'm on the eat whatever you want in MODERATION bandwagon. So this holiday season keep that in mind. Enjoy the delicious food, but don't gorge yourself at the Turkey buffet table. Eat slower so you can actually enjoy your food, and don't over eat. Don't skip meals - I do this all the time, so take it from me it's not good for you. I find myself eating my first meal around 1:00PM and by that point all the aforementioned goes out the window.  

I will be gone around the dinner hour most nights the week I am in Boise, so I will be fully taking advantage of all this advice, except at Chipotle; it is imposible for me to eat slow, or in moderation there. You put that Burrito Bowl in front of me and it's gone in 60 seconds.


They say not running for even 10 days you can start to lose your fitness. I especially noticed it walking up this hill for class yesterday- which mind you I do this 4 times a week, sometimes twice a day, so I should be use to it by now.

I have only been to the gym twice since I went to the doctor. Getting the reality check yesterday proved that I need to make sure I am going way more than that. Also, I need to make sure I am getting some good quality cardio in. So last night I decided to go to a late night, 45 minute spin class. It was great! I use to spin when I had a YMCA memebership and loved it. I find it harder than running, which only equals a super awesome work out in my book. After spin I did 15 minutes of core work using my Nike Trainer app. I also figured out how to use self timer on my phone. Bonus points, no more awkward selfies, now you get awkward plank poses and crazy Ivan poses.

I got some creepy looks at the gym for having my phone strategically placed to get my action shots, but hello, don't they know I'm bloggin' over here?! Yeah they probably don't.

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