Monday, November 18, 2013

Motivation for Me

This post is a compilation of a couple posts  I had drafted from last week. So here it goes - its a little all over the place and only has two pictures because I shattered my phone yesterday cleaning. 

Well let's get the devastating news out of the way.

Plantar Fasciitis. The cause of my heel pain the last few weeks. I tried really hard to power through it but the universe had something else in the cards for me. I got injured from doing to much trying to go to fast before my body was ready all while maintaining the distances I had been doing. I have a long heartfelt post ready for you tomorrow on my outlook and what's on the horizon!

Because of no running for 4 weeks. No Turkey Trot - I was hoping to officially PR my speedy 5k time. No running until the second weekend of December. But on the positive note, I have a couple races planned to make my debut - slow as I will be - but hey: AT LEAST I'LL BE DOING WHAT I LOVE.

On the flip side - planning new work outs. We get it - I love to plan, but I had a major panic attack on Monday when I got home from the doctor and realized - "um what do I do when I'm not running?" It's been so long since I have done really anything else. I have done step classes, and spin classes here and there, but that'only one day a week. After the panic was over, I am really excited to change things up these next 4 weeks. I started last night with 30 minutes of rowing - I made it 5000 meters and have some pretty sweet blisters on my hands. Rowing makes me really sweaty, I looked like I had just run 10 miles, and my body was so tired. They don't lie when they say rowing is a real work out. I am not too sore today, so I might go back at it, if my hands don't hurt to much.

I really like rowing and seeing my meters going down - it helped pass the time!

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