Sunday, April 6, 2014

I finally did it.

I wrote the rest of this post first, hoping that I could come up with an awesome introduction. A welcome back statement I guess. But I couldn't so here's whats up:

I have endometriosis. I had surgery two years to check it out and it sucks. I was taking birth control to regulate my periods and by regulate I mean make them non-existent. Perfect world right? NOT. Over the holidays my body started responding negatively to my birth control and lack of period. After 10 weeks of straight up being miserable, I am finally back to feeling better! I am looking into different kinds of treatment and working with a doctor up here to hopefully get this disorder back under control. 

I dedicated the entire month of March to re-evaluating my health. I have done a lot of research and can't wait to share some of changes I'll be making in my life with you guys. MMR has been a huge help and support system and did hours of research with me - now that's love.

With my endometriosis, my running has taken a back seat. Actually, all exercising had taken a back seat. This week was my first full week back to working out. Robie is officially less than two weeks away. This weekend should have been my first of the taper weeks, but instead it's peak week.

Since life happens, my goal for my first race of the season is to HAVE FUN. It's going to be tough, I'm going to be sore, and driving 6 hours the day after is going to be pure torture. But if I've learned anything these last few weeks - my body can handle it. My body was built to do tough things. I'm going to focus on recovery so I can hopefully race a few weeks later!

Now for the biggest news....I BOUGHT MY OWN DOMAIN NAME AND WEB HOSTING SERVICE! I have big dreams that I am finally rolling into motion. Please bear with my while I work on switching things over. It is a HUGE HUGE HUGE learning process.

I need to go get ready for my long run - it's super windy here so I'm going to do my favorite loop and then I might take the rest of the run inside. I actually wish I could roll my treadmill into the living room so I can watch the rest of the Nashville season I have on my DVR.

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  1. I might want to pick your brain about the research you found! I might need to re-evaluate my own health. Ugh.

    P.S. I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. :) Check it out here.