Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Work Outs Week 2

Each Sunday I am going to post what my workouts for the week since Sundays are my rest days. I am going to try to not talk about the gym a lot, (a lot being the key word) on my everyday posts. My first week was just 1/2 week, I started running on Thursday so I missed a good portion of workouts.

Half Marathon Week 2: First Full Week
Monday: Cross Train
Today I did things a little different. I started with a class, and ended with my endurance/cardio work. At my gym, you basically do the classes on your own, there's a big screen but anyone can join in at anytime. The last two times I've done classes I've been by myself. Apparently I don't pick the fun ones. I chose a weight class, the 20 minute session. I was looking for something that was mainly weights. The classes was tough and my chest was a little sore after but that's because I have the upper body stregnth of a child.

Tuesday: Run
Ran on Treadmill 2.26 miles 30 minutes. This run was great, I got zoned in on The Lying game, and did not look at the numbers once. I found myself obsessing over the numbers, and counting, or trying to count and that just made the run seem so long. My biggest battle isn't really breathing, or physically doing it, it's getting my head in the game.

Post Run Routine: Foam roll 5-7 minutes
Stretch. I do a series of stretches that have helped my flexibility and kept me from being sore. I try and stretch for about fifteen minutes, over the next few weeks I will give you the low-down.
Stretch 1:

Hold each side 30 seconds.

Wednesday: Cross Train
Today was a cross train day. I started with the elliptical doing a 30 minute interval work out. I like to stregnth train, I need to get my noodle arms in check. Ok I need to get some other things in check too. I went into the gym wanting to do a class, but people kept cutting in front of me (rude, I know), so I decided to do a mini circuit myself:
1.) Shoulder press -using the machine -20 lbs
2.) Adductor - inner thigh - machine 35 lbs
3.) Squats with 5lb weights on each shoulder - 10 reps
4.) Lunges with 5 lb weights - 10 reps/leg
6.) Overhead tricep extensions with 5lb weight - 10 reps
7.) Abductor - outter thigh - machine 30 lbs
8.) Bench press - 20 lbs
Repeat 3 times

Thursday: Run Run Run.
3.22 miles in 43:00. Let me tell you, this one kicked my butt and I had to stop twice to get some water. The gym was extra warm that day so I was sweating before my warm-up even ended. Like I said (here) my head just wasn't into it. Towards the end there were two girls my age running next to me, so competition mode stepped up and that definetly got me motivated to push it to the end. I really need to find a running buddy up here. If anyone know's anyone POINT THEM MY WAY. ; )

Because you wanted to see my beat red face. PS: these shorts sucked today.
Post Run Stretches 15 minutes.

Friday: Cross Train
Epic fail in exercise. I hit snooze at 6:00 AM and slept about 30 minutes before I had to go to work. So needless to say, my full exercise plan did not happen. Work died down, and I had to run an errand so I stopped at the gym, and pumped out 30 minutes on the elliptical with some serious hills climbs. I definitely felt it in my legs, which is good since I didn't make enough time to do some weights.

Saturday: Long Run Elliptical Action
Today was suppose to be a long run. 4 miles. But, I didn't bring my running shoes to the cabin, however they have a pretty rad elliptical there. I did 45 minutes on intervals while watching E! I got a little stressed when I realized that I forgot my shoes because I have been trying so hard to be dedicated. Long runs are going to be so important in my training because I have never run them before. Basically as long as I am still exercising on the days I am suppose to, I am not going to let it get to me.

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  1. WOW wish you could do a few reps for me every day...LOL Keep up the very mind boggling schedule !!!!