Sunday, February 3, 2013

Work Out Week 3

Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Monday: Cross Train
Today I chose to do two classes at the gym, a 35 minute Kinetics class, followed by 35 minute yoga fusion class. When I got to the gym there was a class in session, plus already reserved for this Kinetics class. So I decided to try this Kinetics class, which I am so glad I did! It was so much fun!!! We did 1 minute of weights and then a 30 second Cardio boost. During the weights section we would also alternate between a heavy (8lbs) and light (5lbs). Yoga fusion was alright. It started out perfect, but then they did this weird Warrior 2 thing that did not feel to nice on my knee so I modified it a little bit. I really liked the combo of classes, but I think I will try a different yoga one.

Tuesday: Easy Run
Today was my first day this week running, and it was AHHH-MAY-ZINGGGG. I bought some new music on iTunes which made all the world difference!!! I completed 2.6 miles in 26:49. On my way to the gym and during my warm up my legs started to feel like lead from yesterdays work out. Once I got into my running groove they loosened right up. However, now is a different story. Here is what a great work out looks like:

Duck face, hair bumps and one big sweaty mess. Yes my face is the color of a cherry.

Post-run stretch #2
Triangle - Hold each side 30 seconds
You can find Post-run stretch #1 here.

Wednesday: Cross Train
Today I woke up a little sore. I was able to reserve the group exercise room and do the kinetics class again. I am becoming obsessed with this class. I convinced another lady to join me, she had never tried it before. The squats with shoulder presses hurt the most because right after doing a minute of those we do 30 seconds of burpees. I broke my record and did 10 burpees. I was a sweat machine afterwards. I even walked outside in just my tank top and rain boots, the sun was shining so it looked a little more inviting than it felt.

Thursday: Run
So ever since I got my killer playlist my 3 miles flew by! Today's run was super easy and super sweaty. For some reason the gym has been really warm lately. I actually had beads of sweat running down the side of my face. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous for my 5 miler on Saturday Sunday. Here's how I refueled today:

Good 'ol Mountain Dew Chapstick.

Saturday: Rest Day
Ryan and I went fishing and once we got back I was just in the mood to plop. But more about that in my next post.

Sunday: Long Run
5.08 miles in 55 minutes. Longest run ever in the books. No really I've never run farther than that, well until next Saturday. This run was easy, but not easy - understand? ;) It was easy in the sense of shutting my head off, but not so easy on the legs. I watched one of the Bring It Ons on ABC Family and read the subtitles while listening to my killer playlist. But once I hit mile 4 I started to really feel it in my backside. Looks like Week 4's strength train will include lots of lunges and squats. Afterwards I stretched for 15 minutes then came home and iced my shins and calfs. Now my left hip is pretty sore I might try and last 5 minutes on my foam roller, that thing hurts!!

Everyone felt my pain, Dude and Timmy included.
PS: I have a killer blister on the foot sans sock.
I almost wore flip flops today it's so irritated.


  1. I love reading your blog! I am currently training for a half as well. I am about half way through my training program. Good luck!

  2. I am training vicariously through you so DO keep up the great work !!! LOL (I thought I had really forgotten how to run since I can't seem to get to that point on the treadmill.) till I remembered I have never ran in shoes...always barefoot....guess I better get some running shoes that allow me to feel like I am barefoot....