Sunday, October 27, 2013


Over the last few days I have been making to-do lists to improve my blog. It all started with focusing on a clearer direction on where to take this blog. So far this is what I got for you guys - I have decided to change the name. My mom and I were brainstorming this weekend and she really helped me out with this one.

Welcome to Homespun Runner. Running, training, healthy lifestyle, as well as my daily homespun life is what will be featured. I really really like talking about all things running, it's really become an obsession of mine and something I want to share with the you guys.

I am still a wife to the most wonderful husband in the world, MMR. I will still be sharing those parts of my journey with you, but I realized that the purpose of this blog was not necessarily meant to focus on being a housewife which is what the old title, Diary of a Robust Housewife, indicated.

Homespun can mean spun or made at home - in terms of cloth, but it can also mean plain; unpolished, simple, rustic - which is the kind of life MMR and I pretty much live.

Now - if I ever do become a Housewife of the Treasure Valley - maybe I'll change my title back.

Here are a couple promises I am going to make to you guys...

  • I probably will talk about running, training, running, eating, MMR, more running and eating, some crafts and cooking, you get the drift. It's what I enjoy doing and it helps keep me sane. Why not share your passions with the world. Well within the interwebs, by typing.
  • I will TRY TRY TRY to post daily. Clearly I get on a streak and then fall off the bandwagon. I can't ask you guys to follow me if I can't even follow myself.
  • I will post shameless sweaty selfies.
  • I will force ask really really nicely for comments, I want to hear back from you guys!
So let's start with this:
How was your weekend?
Mine was awesome, my mom came to visit and we hung out alllllll weekend.

What fun Halloween activities did you do?
Nothing - MMR and I are old and boring. We don't believe in fun. Just kidding, kind of. We really didn't do anything festive this weekend - but tomorrow we are going to get a couple more pumpkins to carve, and probably another 5lb bag of candy that should last us at least 4 days this time.

What workouts did you accomplish?
I ran a 5k this weekend - unofficially - and PR'd! 


  1. Way to go!!! Running a PR always makes my week!

    Also, I click on your blog from facebook every once in a while and really enjoy all the running stuff. I am also obsessed with running, talking about running, eating right to make my running better, etc.

    Morgan H

    1. Thanks Morgan! :) I hear your running a race soon?! Running seriously is the bomb! One thing I need help on is the eating, I usually eat whatever and most of the time it's not really super healthy. If you have any recipes of healthyness you want to send my way I wouldn't mind ;)