Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekly Work Outs 10/21-10/27

Monday 10/21:
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 2 - I am going to do this for two more weeks, so it's 4 Monday's of doing it then I am going to try Level 3 - I heard it's brutal, wait what am I saying?! Of course it's going to be brutal. I really need to find my hand weights, these last two weeks I have been weightless, just doing the motions, which is still hard. Thank you noodle arms. I just did this work out today, but I pushed it to my limits so I am happy with that. Here is the first exercise we do in the strength training set. It's a walk out push up. I use to get all awkward when I would ask MMR to take my picture, now I see it's going to be beneficial. I need to work on my push up form a little bit.

Tuesday 10/22:
Easy Run 3.5 Miles - I completed 3.6 miles 37 minutes - 10:27 pace. It is getting darker so early! I need to find some time during the day to get a work out in if I want to do it outside. I did my workout on the treadmill at the gym and it was hard, and really hot. When I run on the treadmill I usually wear shorts, today I wore crops and the gym was probably 75 degrees. This run produced sweat in my eye balls. Since these runs are suppose to be easy, I've been trying to focus on something different each run. Today was upper body form. I tend to run with chicken wing arms,so today I tried to keep my arms by my side. You also want to lean forward with your whole body, you don't want to just bend forward. I noticed it was a little bit easier when I did that; like gravity helped fill in the gaps. Oh and watching Revenge helped too.

Wednesday 10/23:
Went to the track for some speed work, 6x400's. I started to keep track of my laps with my stop watch. In theory the more I do speed work, the better my numbers should be and better my legs should feel. I used the track at school and shared it with some actual track and field athletes, it was intimidating, kind of. I did 400m of speed and 400m of recovery. Here's what the numbers looked like:

I ended up with negative splits at the end so I guess that's a win. I wore shorts and a tank top because my deck was sunny, and warm. When I got to the track though, the sun was already behind the tree's and cold so I kept my jacket on even though I was sweating like a crazy person. My phone was pretty much dead so all I was able to photograph after was this one picture.

Thursday 10/24:
Rest Day -my right hip flexor was so sore and tight I took the day off.

Friday 10/25:
Rest Day - my mom came into town so the afternoon was shot :) - and my hip flexor was still I didn't want to risk it - getting injured is last on my list. This is suppose to be my rest day so I guess I didn't cheat after all.

Saturday 10/26:
Rest again from running - went for a 40 minute walk around campus, all the way up to the golf course and back down. MMR took us through the Arboretum so it was kind of a hike.

Sunday 10/27:
Every three weeks there is a race on the schedule for Saturday or Sunday. This weekend there were a lot of races around the country but shockingly none here. Well there was a half marathon down in Lewiston for Halloween, but that wasn't on the agenda. I decided to do a 5k on my own because hey why not! I PR'd!!!!!! It was hard. My legs were tired, my lungs were tired, everything was tired. 3.1 - 26:08 average pace 8:24 which is actually 6 seconds faster than my goal.

The whole purpose of me using this training plan is to get faster and really push my limits. Up until this point I have been alright with going slow and my goals were just to finish races. My goals are changing now. I really want to work on my athleticism, both physically and mentally. Today during my solo 5k I wanted to quite at about mile 2, I was tired, winded and really I thought going one more mile was going to kill me. Before when I was running slower, it was in a sense easy. I could run 9 miles, no problem, my mental toughness didn't have to show up until mile 10. Here with the speed, I need it right off the bat.

I have bigger goals for 2014 which both include distances and time. With this being said - I am very cautious with this 12 week program the last thing I want to do is get injured. I am both increasing speed and distance this time around, which is not necessarily recommended. I really want to start the new year out right, continuing my running journey, not picking up where my injury left off.

See you tomorrow morning for some fresh motivation.

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