Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Monday's are Sunday's Nemisis

Well that title isn't very motivating, and quite frankly I wasn't very motivated today either. Yesterday afternoon my throat started hurting, it was the reminder that you are going to wake up with a cold. Shocker - I woke up this morning sick, lucky me. I did not want to get out of bed, I partially blame cold medicine, I could seriously sleep for more than 18 hours on that stuff.

I got some motivation pictures for you this week:

I will say though I am proud of myself I did work out. I did my typical Monday routine, this is my last week of level 2 - wish me luck next week. I found my hand weights, actually if I just opened my eyes I wouldn't of been without them. Even though they are 5lbs each, It was hard. I usually am joking when I say I have noodle arms. Know I am not joking anymore. I had to have MMR help me with these:

Gotta love that concentration face. This was my fourth one and my arms were already burning. Hmm I need to squat a little bit more, Jillian would not be impressed, this is cheating in her eyes. I'm off to eat some wild game birds that MMR and Dude hunted yesterday. Recipe will be up tomorrow!

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