Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Almost Here

It's almost Halloween! Only two more days, and then it's fair game to listen to Christmas music.

As October is coming to a close I am going to be doing a couple different challenges in November. The first one is found here: Run Eat Repeat - Pile on The Miles. Basically you set weekly running/walking/cycling/ goals each week and post them to win sweet prizes. It's going to be pretty fun - signing up is free, just head on over to RER to register! .

My second challenge, is the 30 day plank challenge. I always see this floating around Pinterest Land half way though the month and because of my OCD I can't start something like this half way through the month. Core is something that we should work on daily so what better way to incorporate it than in a challenge.

This weekend my mom finally made a visit to our house. She has visited once before but it was right before we moved to help me clean the house. It was really cool to show her around town and what MMR and I do every day. 

Friday night we went to La Casa de Lopez my favorite Mexican restaurant! They give you so much food. 

I had to finish up work so we watched the BYU v. BSU game and called it a night. 

Saturday we went to the last market of the season, and visited the antique mall. I saw a couple of frames I wanted for crafting but left empty handed. I wanted to try some of the restaurants that we had never been to so we went to Gambimo's for lunch. My mom and I had some pizza and MMR had this ginormous sandwich.

Good thing we had a walk around campus planned. We came home and dropped off our left overs and then headed out to Moose Creek. Of course we had to show mom our favorite spot.

As promised (see I'm keeping them) here's what we had for dinner last night.

MMR and Dude shot some pheasants and a Hun and we decided to make tacos. I left the cooking of the birds to the man and I prepared the corn and spinach, and by prepare I mean sprinkle taco seasoning on the corn and hear it up. I took the backseat on this meal. It was really really good! 

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