Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Running Goals

So I have some big plans this winter as far as running goes. In the mean time I have a new plan that will get me running faster. I love love the half marathon distance. I have a lot of motivation and momentum from my last race; I want to have another PR.

My new goal is to shave off 22 more minutes off my time in 12 weeks. I don't have a race planned yet, it will be the end of December and races are pretty scarce here in the winter. And I'm not sure I'm signing up to run for two hours in the cold.

This plan really focus' on running 5 days a week and incorporates a lot of strength training which is something that I really need to work on. Some weeks I have two easy runs, a speed work out, and a long run and other weeks I have two speed work outs, two easy runs and one long run. I am falling in love with speed work! I will also be incorporating a couple practice races, a 5k and a 10k and a 15k. My 5k is actually in 3 weeks -October 26/27th. This race would also be a PR.

I am going to go back to re-capping my workouts on Sunday's. I will still talk a little bit about them on my daily posts, but I'm really going to focus on reflecting on what I did, and see where I can use some improvement.

Oh, and speaking of new things, and making my life easier - Here is an awesome addition to my office:

I acquired it in Bozeman. I ran on it Tuesday night and it worked okay. I need to find it's manual online so I can make sure I have all it's parts and pieces. Every mile it would stop abruptly, like pulled the emergency cord stopped. But I still love it.

I was able to complete my workout - 3 easy miles in 30 minutes. I had the window wide open - I may need to install a fan right in front of my face. MMR was snoozing when I was running and he said it wasn't too loud, BONUS.

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