Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All About the Bar

This last Saturday I attended Breaking Down the Barre at Pure Barre Boise. I have taken a bar class once before in Seattle with my SIL. Growing up I was a dancer and I will admit I hated doing bar work. Mainly because I was lazy and it was hard. However this class was absolutely amazing.

Breaking Down the Barre was an introductory class that focused on technique and form. The class was very hands on which was exactly what I wanted. I am the type of person that likes to know what I am doing wrong so I can get the best work out possible, especially when I am fairly new to a class.

Going into the class I was a little sore from lifting weights on Thursday and Friday so I was expecting it to be a little hard. Scratch little - my mind was blown it was so hard. My muscles were spasing in the warm up. 

Their whole motto is about lifting, toning and burning, and trust me they offer that the entire class. The instructors at Pure Barre are really good about making you feel comfortable, they mention in the beginning that no one else cares what you are doing, just focus on yourself. The fear of being judged
is something I think frightens people away from group exercise classes. They really meant it too, no one was watching me, yes I peeked a little.

Boise's studio is brand new, they just opened November 18th. I have been interested in bar type classes for about a year and just didn't have any around (until the trip to Seattle). I was beyond excited when I found out Boise was getting one, even though I technically don't live there anymore. But now this class is going on my exercise list every time I visit. They are offering a holiday package just for students returning home that I plan on taking full advantage of when we are back next month for Christmas.

I would recommend this studio to anyone looking for a tough, awesome, focused work out. Please note that these opinions are my own, and I attended this class on my own. There is no affiliation with Pure Barre.


I have a tough work out on the books for tomorrow that is bright and early. I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here!!! Have an awesome night and great Hump Day/Thanksgiving Eve.

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