Monday, November 25, 2013

What's in a Monday

Monday's are always my day for catch up - I catch up on everything, work, emails, homework, basically everything I don't want to pay attention to on my fun time. This post may be especially long because I am going to re-cap the weekend, plus give you guys some Motivation!

This weekend was crazy busy! I already knocked off most of the checklist I created on Thursday and it's only been the weekend.

Friday night MMR and I got in pretty late so we said our hellos and went to bed. Lame old folks we are. On the drive though I tried to make it less boring (I hate driving at night). I have been really trying to complete the simple task of sitting up straight. I have HORRIBLE posture. I created my own little fun workout game - I would sit up straight for 5 minutes and then relax for 3. I did that for an hour.

Saturday morning started off right with some IHOP deliciousness. To keep with the trying to eat healthy theme I ordered the two egg breakfast with wheat toast and eggs over medium, my fave. I had a community class at Pure Barre planned for right after so I wanted to keep it light. It did come with hashbrowns and I forgot to ask to substitute for fruit, so I wasted the hashbrowns. Sorry.

After my class I met my parents at Chick-Fil-A - I was beyond excited and beyond hungry at this point. I got my usual spicy chicken sandwich with their lemonade. I need to steal their lemonade recipe it is seriously the best ever.

After lunch my mom and I ran a couple more errands. I am happy to say I am almost done Christmas shopping and it's not even Thanksgiving yet!

My Dad had a basketball game that evening so my mom and I headed over there to cheer them on, it was against one of their biggest rivals. After the game MMR picked me up and we met some our BFF's at Red Robin. Sorry no pictures of my chicken wrap, it was getting late and I was getting slightly delirious.

Sunday I went to church with the parents, MMR went hunting as usual. Most of his fave hunting seasons end soon so he wants to get as much in as he can. After church my I ran out to the craft fair. I love these kinds of things the participants are so creative. There were a good amount of booths and we walked out with some unique presents, it makes me even more excited for Christmas.

After a trip to Costco was needed, it was complete crazy town. There were so many people there, but I didn't mind because it meant double the samples, which keep my occupied every time.

For dinner MMR and I went out with the family to Rudy's. It's such a cute little pub. I got the Philly with a side salad that was also super delicious.

Basically I ate out all weekend, but I tried to counter that with making sure I got in a good work out on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I took a rest day, my body really needed it. I am still a little sore today but can power through it this afternoon. I forgot my gym key card at home :( so I will be improvising a lot by working out at home. I plan on taking a couple classes throughout the week at some local exercise joints so that will help supplement the rest of the week. I thought about going down to the gym when they are staffed to see about getting a temporary one.

Get your work out on:

And just because...this is sometimes the story of my life

Happy Monday!

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