Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eats and Exercise

I've been hitting the gym and cooking like a madwoman. MMR and I have been trying to save money by not eating out as much. I would say overall it's a success. In the meantime I have really enjoyed trying new recipes, and I've even stepped out of the box and threw meals together without planning a trip to the grocery store, or using a recipe - double bonus. I think the last time we actually went real grocery shopping was the middle of November! Whenever we go to Boise my MIL lets us shop her cupboards so i guess that kind of counts. That's what kept us full. I might need to buy a few staples this weekend, the fridge and freezer is getting a little bare and we are still home for another 10ish days.

I should've titled this post random pictures from my cell phone that are just mainly food and exercising, but that is way boring.

This will be the first full week I have actually eaten breakfast. My stomach is weird, no other way to explain it. It hard for me to digest anything other than coffee prior to 10AM. I know weird, so I have tried a half of an english muffin with my coffee and suprisingly I have had no troubles. I have an 8:30 class so after that I have eggs of some kind. This is one of my faves.

Some other eats from last week:

I love mushrooms. they are one of my top 10 favorite foods. This was one of our sides post Christmas Tree Hunt. When we were driving home we were all hungry. I suggested pork roll and some veggies, MMR suggested pizza from Papa Murphys. Hmm also delicious and tempting, no cooking and no cleaning up. Well.....we had to go to Wally World anyways to get a Christmas tree stand, so ultimately we talked ourselves back into eating in. Oh and I knew I had this baby waiting for me.

PPS - this is my favorite Moscato. Winner.

One last eat - Chocolate Browines - enough said. MMR took this picture for me while I was snoozing, he's so blog attentive!

I might, just might trade in my running shoes for one of those fitness bikinis. JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING, but seriously I have been lifting weights like a crazy person these last few days. It all started on Thursday when I decided to use my Nike Training app and did arms, abs and legs for a total of 45 minutes of lifting. I warmed up with.............a treadmill walk on an incline for 15 minutes which........was a mile! Counting miles even though it's just one, is my favorite! The incline was not a very good idea, my heel hurt later that night and my calves were already super sore from the day before. 

Friday and Saturday were rest days - I panicked when I had heel pain, and I knew Saturday we would be doing some walking around. Sunday I went back to my intermittent BFF - Definitions class, I picked the 50 minute option, my attempt at "getting serious" at lifting weights. After I wanted a little bit more core work (who am I?!) so I opted for a 35 minute core Pilates work out. Let me just tell you Pilates is a whole other world of hurt. My abs were so sore the second I was done.

Monday's have always been strength and yoga since I started this last bout of training. I have tried to stick with that, or make Monday's my rest day. I made my own strength training work out yesterday and was pretty pleased with it, like really pleased with it. Last night I could definitely feel my work out, but this morning I woke up good as new!

I'm off to get my cardio work out on. I need to give these guns noodle arms a rest.

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