Monday, December 9, 2013

Second Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

Growing up I always remember having a fake tree, which I loved! I loved opening the box, sorting the branches, and piecing it together. Ever since MMR and I have been together we have always had a real tree. When we moved up north we decided we would go one step further and trek through the wilderness and pick a real tree. We have been going every year with our friends Tyler and Jess. This year we had record lows, it was only about 11 degrees, with the windchill in the negatives.

After driving around for about an hour we finally found a spot where I knew I would pick my tree. But before I go into details, let's back up a bit. I was feeling kind of "scroogy" this year and didn't really want a tree. MMR and I will be heading back Boise for Christmas and we will be leaving right after finals next week. Every year we put one up, it falls down, we stand it back up, it falls back down. Don't get me wrong I still absolutely love Christmas and the rest of the house was lighted up before we got the tree. MMR talked me into going and told me exactly what I knew would happen. It would be 12/17 and I would be unhappy because I didn't get to stare at a Christmas tree.

Back to the present, I wanted a smaller tree. I have terrible depth perception and last year way misjudged the tree we picked. It was huge, MMR was sawing branches off for a whole hour when we got home. I wish my house was actually big enough to hold what looks like a humungo tree, but there were 4 trees clustered here to choose from.

Aw so perfect!

I only have a couple things to put up around the house, and our decorating will be complete for the season! Here's what we got so far:

And I will leave you with this. When we go Christmas Tree Hunting, no saws or axes are required, think RedNeck.