Sunday, December 8, 2013

Late Night Action

Well, I just looked at the clock and realized I have spent the last three hours FINALLY figuring out how to jazz up my blog the way I wanted to! I really am impressed with Blogger and how much you can do for free. I have figured out for the most part what you see here :) The banner was a little bit tricky, but luckily after 6 or 7 Youtube videos later, and playing around in Picasa I was able to figure it out.

To show up, function, and be where I wanted them to be. This has actually taken me months to figure out. These little things are called social media icons, once I typed that into the good 'ol google search engine it took me minutes to figure out. Go ahead, click them, they work here too ;).

I am no expert on HTML whatsoever, so every time I do make a change I want to make sure I know how to fix it. Eventually one of my 2014 goals as far as blogging goes is to take a class on how to do snazzy stuff.

I keep asking politely  begging my mom to follow my blog,but she made a really good point I don't know how. So I continued my interweb search to figure it out, and still came up short. I begged my SIL to follow me and she did, but I have no idea how. So now I have added a way to subscribe! I know you are dying to get my every update - I am dying to share my updates with you!!! Okay, yes, yes I understand, I will turn down the cheese fest, but seriously, please subscribe and be one of my followers!

I have some bigger goals in 2014 on where I want this blog to go and can't wait to share them with you. If you keep checking back while I am doing updates just laugh at my mistakes :) 

I have also had this view - which has made me super relaxed and ready to sleep. I had a busy day Christmas Tree Hunting which I can't want to tell you all about tomorrow - well I guess technically later today.