Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Obsessions All Over

My new obsession, or should I say re-occurring obsession is Spin Class. I have been going to a few classes here and there, but without a gym that has real group exercise classes it's hard for me to get into it myself. I took one a few weeks ago at my gym and played my own music (in one ear, so I could hear the instructions in the other) and it made it 100 times better. I go to Anytime Fitness and at this location there are no formal group exercise classes, but there is a large room with a projector and you can pick whatever one you want to do on the little computer outside the room. The types of classes they have to offer are spin, yoga/pilates, stomp, vibe (which is a danceish/zumbaish?), definitions which is the super awesome weights class I take, and a kinetics class which is full of plyometric exercises.

Next obsession, Deer Steak - okay really any venison in any form. I really wish they sold it in grocery stores, but then I change my mind because then it will be mainstream and I am just not ready to share. Plus I'm sure that's what makes it better, the fact that you have to hunt for it. Our friend Jess and Tyler shared some with us on Monday night, and we made the most delicious dish I think I have ever created. We had steak marinaded in the really good Jack Daniels stuff, and some mashed potatoes. On top of that we had asparagus and mushrooms with some grilled onions. I could eat this meal on repeat every day. It was so good the only pictures I though to take were these of me prepping and making funny concentration faces.

Okay back to spin class :) I made spin on the agenda yesterday with some core work. I find for me, spin is really the only thing that makes my heart rate mimic running. I took the 50 minute class, but forgot my headphones. I was the only one and I found myself drifting and getting sidetracked. But, I pushed through and it ended up being pretty tough. My legs felt like lead after, which I guess as long as that is the end result who cares!

One thing I'm not obsessed with, how cold it is. Our low tonight is suppose to be like -7ish. That is way cold! I'm crawling into my bed with some hot tea and hibernate until it's at least 20 degrees.

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