Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend's go to fast

It's already Sunday night! How can that be? It just went way to fast. I definitely think I'm getting sick again. My throat has hurt these last few days, and I usually know what that means. I have no time this week for sickness, so please stay away!

I have some work to still finish up tonight, and a lot of laundry to start. We offically start the week before we leave tradition and I am way behind.

Here are some highlights from my weekend:

I actually got dressed for once, I even blow dried my hair with a brush! I needed to get a couple things for some Christmas presents. I am almost done. When we get to Boise I am going to have to get the last few things. Good luck to me, by then it will T-3 days until Christmas.

When I was walking through the  mall near the Santa Picture Station there is a giving tree, it was completely full, and the sled where you drop of your presents was also full. I walked over and grabbed the first ticket I saw: 5 year old girl wants warm gloves and hat. Reading my tag made me really remember what the season is all about. I really am so blessed and so thankful for all that I have! I picked out a pretty cute set for my little girl. I hope she likes them!

Naturally I worked up an apetite so stopped at Qudoba on my way home. I got their chicken salad, it was pretty good, but Chipotle still holds the number one spot in my heart.

I took a whole lot of rests days so I could do something really fun this afternoon. I will have more about that tomorrow for ya'll! Goodnight.

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