Monday, December 16, 2013

I Did It and It Was Awesome

Yesterday was my first run in SIX weeks and it was everything I hoped for and remember!!! I missed running so much. I kept it really easy and went to one of the relatively flat paths we have around town. I only set myself up to run 1 mile. So I did a 5 minute walking warm-up and then ran 1 mile at.........9:21! It felt natural to run at that pace. Now I don't know if that's my over excited natural, or maybe I'm strong enough for that to be my new normal. I finished with a 5 minute cool down walk.

The sun came out for like 20 minutes this morning and 20 minutes this afternoon, I'll take it! The weather was about 42 which is amazing considering this time last week, we were in the teens. I just wore a long sleeve shirt with a vest and was fine. I forgot something for my ears though, they were cold.

Selfie 101 - someone please teach me!

I had no pain afterwards, even through the night. I'm not going to go and say I'm cured or anything, but this is a step in the right direction. This week I have three 3 more runs in the schedule, but not very many miles at first. When I came home I iced my arch, and wore my really cool brace my mom found. I stretched and foam rolled. We'll see how long this diligent routine happens.

I hope everyone has a great day/week! It's only 9 days until Christmas!!!! Here's some mantra's to get you through the week.

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