Tuesday, December 17, 2013

If Only All Mondays Were Productive

Yesterday was a very productive day despite how it started. I have a new work computer on it's way, which is good because I think I sucked the life out of my current one today, it took twice as long to get anything done.

The nice thing about it being finals week, besides only having two things in my way of my month long break, is I get to work normal hours. Yesterday I was clocked in between the hours of 9 and 5 it was a miracle. 

After work I continued my quest to conquer the laundry. One of my goals this week is to get it all done by Wednesday so I can start packing on Thursday! Once that was done I headed to the gym for a quick work out. I wanted to spend two hours there, but that just wasn't in the cards. I did 15 minutes on the rowing machine as a warm up.

Then a mini plyometric work out - 10 box jumps, 1 minute plank, repeat x3 finish with 10 tricep dips (using the box), repeat x2 and stretch. My hips and groin was really tight, so I foam rolled for a little bit too. Looks like I am two days into a streak! Let's see if I remember after today's run.

Thumbs up - this takes some serious skill. Selfie memo#1:remembered to put my hand on the other side of the phone.

While I was relaxing and stretching I was thinking about what to have with dinner. MMR and I refuse to go grocery shopping so I had to use all the ingredients in my house. We came up with some Italian pasta with chicken and green beans. It came out really yummy. Sorry no pictures. Look what I found for desert...

That's a brownie donut. I'm working on finding a glazed donut recipe now that I realize what shape that pan makes!

If I wasn't bundled up ready for my run I would wait until this afternoon, my gym is getting new treadmills! I hope they are the fancy ones that the gym has near my parents house. We're getting a bunch of new equipment these next few weeks. It's about time, the equipment there is old and really temperamental. Thanks gym for a really nice Christmas present ;) 

Only 8 more days until Christmas!! I feel like I have so much to do before we leave, and so much to do once we arrive!!!

Are you guys ready for Christmas?! Any last minute shoppers?
Every year I tell myself not to be, and I am - MMR and I will be going out the Saturday before Christmas, and probably every day after.

What are some of your weekly goals?
Other than laundry and foam roll? Continue to eat breakfast, and actually get everything packed up the night before we leave, instead of seconds before.

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