Sunday, December 1, 2013

We Made It

We made it home - we had such an amazing time hanging out with everyone! The drive was pretty crappy, rainy and cold the whole time. Luckily there wasn't any snow. But it is nice to be home at a decent hour. Most of the time we are still on the road this late.
Last Wednesday my parents took MMR and I out for our anniversary. We had dinner and then went to the Mannheim Steamrollers.

We ate a PF Chang's which was a great treat! It's one of those restaurants that you go to once and a while and that is what makes it extra yummy.

We got a round of drinks, my mom and I both got the red sangria which was amazing. My mom only had half of hers so I lucked out and got seconds. MMR and my dad got fancy drinks. You can't go to Chang's without getting lettuce wraps and dumplings for an appetizer.

Since their dishes come family style we all shared. I ordered the Pad Thai which is a usual for me and MMR ordered off of their seasonal menu, I can't remember exactly what it was but it was similar to Pad Thai. My mom ordered off of their seasonal menu also with some chicken  and my dad ordered his usual sweet and sour pork. We shared a side of their cucumbers, I never want to eat regular cucumbers again! It was all so good.

Yes of course we got desert too. We had some Pumpkin pastry and it was so good! Nice and sweet. I was so full at this point. Service was excellent as usual, despite being pretty busy. I guess no one wants to cook the night before Thanksgiving.

After dinner we went to the Manheim Steamrollers Christmas Show and that was really really good too. I could sit and watch classical shows all day every day. The one gal plays a whole assortment of muscial instruments was my favorite. I can't even play one instrument so for her to play more than 5 I am impressed. They incorporated songs and videos from their earlier years and it was neat to watch the old videos and see the old school style.

After the show I was more than excited for Christmas. Bring on the decorating this week! Thanks mom and dad for taking us out for the evening!!!!
Last night Amber and I went to our usual hangout, Sushi Ya. She is the only one who can put as many rolls down as me. This is our favorite spot and try to go every time I am in Boise. Afterwards we went on a quick Christmas Lights Tour where she showed me this hidden gem. They have an orchard in their back yard and they seriously have every tree wrapped.

This is only one plate, we had two.

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