Monday, January 13, 2014

It Finally Happened - Motivation Monday

I did it! I finally woke up, got out of bed, put on my gym clothes, and made my coffee. However, there was a slight change of plans and I didn't need to be in Pullman first thing this AM so I parked it in the recliner, ate my toast and drank my coffee while watching That 70's Show. But hey, at least when I get up tomorrow morning at 6:00 it won't be so hard. Let's just hope I can make it out the door.

In Monday fashion, here is some motivation for you. Let's use it to have a great week. I have one goal this week...finish all my workouts that I have scheduled.

I got a pair of sweet new running shoes for Christmas. I have worn them a couple times and there's only about 6 miles in them. This week I will be putting some more in them and should have a full review coming up soon!

Aren't they so pretty!!

For some reason I was really getting down on myself this weekend for my lack of motivation. But this quote I found really helped me feel a little bit better. It really shouldn't rather the distance or time, just the fact that your out there is what's important!


On the agenda tonight is a Cardio class or 35 minute spin session on my own depending on whats available. Then a delicious dinner that I've been meaning to make for the last million weeks, nothing fancy just some tortellini with a special sauce with a side of a huge salad.

Guess what tonight is?! Bachelor night. A group of us girls started a bracket and have picked who we think is going to win Pablo's heart. It's pretty funny, we all have pretty similar picks!

Happy Monday.

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