Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Running Tips - Warm-Up Running Drills

Over the last couple of weeks I've been doing some running research. Nerdy I know but I have a huge goal I really really want to accomplish and I want to make sure I can be successful.

This week I'm bringing you some warm-up drills I do. I had started implementing these drills into my workouts right before I got injured. It's really important to warm-up before doing any kind of workout. Even after my warm-up I still walk for 5-10 minutes before I start running.

Warm-ups help prep your body for the demands of your work out and help keep you injury free. When I would do my warm-ups I noticed that I felt stronger during my workouts. A proper warm-up should increase heart rate, your breathing rate, and blood flow. Be sure you don't over exert yourself you don't want to be tired for the work out.

Here's a look at what I do before I run: Please note...I am no professional model ;) and MMR so graciously volunteered his photography skills. Enjoy!

Warrior Lunge
Start in standing position.
Lunge forward ending in a variation of Warrior 1
Repeat each leg 2 sets 6 reps

Side Lunge
Start in standing position
Lunge out to each side with stance slightly wider than your hips
Lean over to touch your toes
Make sure your knee stays over your toes
Repeat each side 2 sets 6 reps

Start with feet way wider than your hips and your arms
Reach down to touch your toes with the opposite arm
Windmill back up and reach down to the other side
2 sets 6 reps

Leg Swing Through
Stand in a running man start position. Like me :)
Then swing your leg through to reach the ground
2 sets each side 6 reps

Ending with a standing stretch.
Hold each side 1 minute

***Please know that these stretches are what work for me and that they may not work for everyone. Feel free to change any part of the work outs to suit your personal needs!

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