Monday, January 27, 2014

Today started the pace. Literally.

Today is finally here, and over for the most part. In just 10 short weeks I have my first race of the season. I am really excited and kind of nervous. I love running, working out and feeling good, but there's just a little extra motivation when it comes to actually having a training plan. Since the most I have off between races is three weeks, I will be sticking with the same plan, just modifying it between races. I got it from my Runner's World book I got for Christmas!

This week has 4 running days, 2 cross training days and one rest day. My long run is Sunday and depending how my body feels I may be swapping an easy run for some cross training or rest. I have told myself I need to be flexible as the training gets heavier; I will really need to listen to my body.

Today I created my own spin session. I took from different websites and my general knowledge from going to classes, set it to my own music and went for it. It was so hard, like really hard. I had sweat in my eyeballs by the third track. My legs were so tired when I got home I sat down, and literally almost fell over trying to stand up.


It was so nice to stay home this past weekend. On Saturday I went into crazy cleaning mode and re-organized our bedroom closet and cleaned the kitchen. I would've taken some really embarrassing before photos, but I didn't remember until I had everything together. We are renters until we start bringing home some real bacon and closet space is limited. But now all my flats and work out sneaks have homes!

Sunday we went for a drive to get out of the fog and clouds. We saw the sun for about an hour and got a nice little mile hike in. We even got Dude to sit still for a few minutes to get his picture taken. He HATES getting his picture taken. It's so funny, he will bark and charge the camera. We can get him to sit where we want to take his picture, but then when he sees the phone or camera come up, he loses it!

I love spending time at home, but our weekends in Boise our so much fun too. Here's a look back at our weekend away in Boise:

Triple moon on our midnight drive.

Wine tasting at Koenig Vineyards

Visiting with my Grandparents. It was so much fun catching up and hanging out/

Every scale should look like this. Out shopping with my MIL.

Baked potatoe and chili bar and my MIL's. It was so so good!

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